Bubble Madness

Bubble Madness 0.4.98

Burst the wide-eyed bubbles


  • Nice variation of gameplay
  • Colourful
  • Fun bubble characters


  • Repetitive

Very good

Bubble Madness is a fun puzzle to eliminate bubbles but in a slightly different way from what you might be used to and how you might expect. Unlike with other bubble puzzle games where you have to group the funny circles by colour here you must encircle them.

It's a small change to the gameplay and it benefits from it.

The game has three modes of play: Challenge, Survival and Time Trial. In challenge and time trial you fight against the clock - a limited amount of it in time trial, whereas you control the clock in challenge mode by killing more bubbles.

In survival play you have to eliminate as many bubbles as you can without worrying about the seconds. Bubble Madness is a fun and colourful game with hilarious sound effects and cute characters.

Explode as many colourful bubbles as you can in this cute game that seems similar to Chuzzle but with a slightly different take on how to pop the funny circles.

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Bubble Madness


Bubble Madness 0.4.98

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